Events or Schedule a Reading locally or on 12listen.com

Schedule a Reading by sending me a message on my contact page and I will get back with as soon as possible. 
You can call me for a quick phone reading or chat at
888 626-7386 extension 77322
I have several options including  (TBS) Time Based Sessions.

Dancing Spirit Metaphysical Fair 
Saturday  March 30th 2019
11 Am  to 5Pm
1939 S. Monroe  St.
Denver Co 80201

Merlin Meditation and Channeling Teleconference 

This Month will be on Monday, March 25th  6 Pacific time
It is only $29 and everyone gets a channeled message! register at www.12academy.com
Space is limited and sells out quickly. I offer two sessions a month
Register at   https://prodca.click4talk.com/c4a/admin/users_conf_link.php?conf_id=14698&aid=77322

Merlin Meditation and Channeled Messages in Person.
We meet the 4th Saturday of every month. the next session is April 27th 2019 at 12 noon. Everyone gets a  personal channeled reading
 There is a $20 charge 
First Spiritual Science Church
3375 S Dahlia St Denver Co 80222

Merlin Chronicles and Monthly Merlin Scopes.
 The Scopes are channeled messages from the Divine Collective for each sign of the zodiac and they are free.   I love sharing these with you go to:

My Blog The Merlin Chronicles at:

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