Kay's guidance from her spiritual team is always upbeat with loving and practical potentialsfor shifting a limiting life circumstance. Her Merlin channeling offers all a respite from the mundane into a joyful and fun remembrance of what is truly possible. Kay is a clear and authentic channel, one to be trusted.  Aurelia, Denver area healer and networker

Kay Dragon is a very gifted, compassionate, clear and highly accurate intuitive advisor. I have found her
readings to be insightful and very supportive to my unfolding life journey.  She is a clear channel for spirit
and amazes me with the accuracy and relevancy of what comes through in our sessions. If you are looking
for an intuitive guide who really connects with you and supports your own intuitive guidance, I'd highly recommend Kay!

Coleene Frances, Qigong Teacher and Life Coach 4/16/2016

Kay Dragon is a clear and gifted channel who has been connecting into Source for a very long time. We are fortunate to have her wisdom in the world. —Sara Wiseman, April 2016

Sara Wiseman www.sarawiseman.com

Kay is an awesome reader.  She offers her insight graciously and gets to the heart of my questions.  I look forward to her readings.
Lee W.

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