About Me
Clairvoyance, clairaudience and other intuitive abilities have been an important component of my life in the past but even more so with the enormous shift in human consciousness in the past few years.
 Another gift of spirit recently re-surfaced in the form of Channeling. I began private and written channeling in a blog called
My own personal experience as a seeker of Divine healing of my physical body, my soul, my relationships and reason for being  has brought  about a spiritual quickening.
 A seemingly devastating situation became pivotal in  guiding my journey that has  lead me to a purposeful life and a passion for sharing the gifts of spirit with others.
 A voice, a seed of truth always present in my heart and soul sang a love song to me in my emptiness "Through the darkest long cold nights of December, live in the faith and knowing that the light of day will become longer, warmer and clearer and so will you. You are loved."
Sometimes Living this truth can be a real challenge.
Over the past 25 years I have studied many healing modalities on my spiritual journey  have served  in creating a loving connection to individual guides and messages of the soul.
·         Reiki Master Teacher
·         Deeksha Blessing Giver
·        Access Bars training
    B.A. Degree in Psychology from Metropolitan State College of Denver
    I have learned that each person is a precious and unique soul. One size does not fit all. I use the wisdom  from your guides and messages from your soul .There may also be instructions from Ascended Masters during Readings and Energy healing sessions.
    I also volunteer as a  Healer and singer at a local Metaphysical church as well as a volunteering  for Doberman Rescue of Colorado.

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